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Task Force Meeting Agenda and Presentations


Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force


Task Force Meeting Agenda and Presentations 


From February 28, 2011,  New Orleans, Louisiana

8:00am      Welcome and Introductions

                   Lisa P. Jackson, EPA Administrator, Task Force Chair (presentation, pdf, 55kb)

8:10am      Overview of Meeting Objectives and Supporting Agenda

                  John Hankinson, Task Force Executive Director

8:40am      Host State’s Vision & Local Perspectives on Gulf Restoration

                   Garret Graves, Task Force Vice Chair & Louisiana Host (presentation, pdf 6.6 mb)

9:00am      Restoration Strategy Workplan Reports: Structure, Schedule & Progress (presentation, pdf 3.6 mb)

9:45am      Stakeholder Engagement Support Strategy (presentation, pdf 651 kb)

10:15am    Break

10:30am    Task Force Input & Guidance on Strategy Developments

11:00am    Status Report on Seafood Safety (presentation pdf 103 kb)

11:20am    Deepwater Horizon Spill Cleanup Status Report (presentation, pdf 1.4 mb)

11:40am    Overview of Public Listening Sessions

12:00pm    Lunch Break

1:00pm      Open Public Comment Period

2:00pm      Task Force Member Comments

2:50pm      Close Out & Adjourn

Public Listening Sessions

3:00pm - 5:00pm      Session I Academia (presentation, pdf 28K )

                                  Session II Local Government (presentation, pdf 25K )

                                  Session III Business & Industry (presentation, pdf 25K )

6:00pm - 8:00pm   Session IV Public & Nongovernmental Organizations