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Technical Assistance: Guide to State Resources

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This page provides background information on resources that are made available through Gulf States. Once again, the Federal government does not run these programs. It is important for communities, individuals, and small businesses to think about how Federal, State, local, and private/NGO resources can be complementary.

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State Government Resources






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Alabama Administrative Code

Alabama Arts:  Folklife

Alabama Attorney General


Alabama Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board:  Grants

Alabama Council for Developmental Disabilities

Alabama Council for Developmental Disabilities:  Grants

Alabama Council on the Arts

Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission


Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries

Alabama Department of Archives and History

Alabama Department of Children’s Affairs

Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Alabama Department of Corrections

Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs

Alabama Department of Education

Alabama Department of Education:  Grants

Alabama Department of Environmental Management

Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences

Alabama Department of Homeland Security

Alabama Department of Homeland Security:  Grant Information

Alabama Department of Human Resources

Alabama Department of Industrial Relations

Alabama Department of Labor

Alabama Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation

Alabama Department of Public Health

Alabama Department of Public Safety

Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services

Alabama Department of Senior Services

Alabama Department of Transportation

Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs

Alabama Department of Youth Services

Alabama Development Office


Alabama Emergency Management Agency


Alabama Forestry Commission


Alabama’s Governor’s Office

Alabama Governor’s Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives

Alabama Governor’s Office on Disability


Alabama Historical Commission

Alabama Historical Commission:  Grants Program

Alabama Humanities Foundation:  Grants Program


Alabama Indian Affairs Commission

Alabama Individual and Family Support Service


Alabama Lieutenant Governor’s Office


Alabama Office of Workforce Development


Alabama Public Library Service

Alabama Public Library Service:  LSTA


Alabama Secretary of State

Alabama State Council on the Arts:  Grants

Alabama State Health Planning and Development Agency

Alabama State Treasury

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Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA)


Florida Bureau of Design and Recreation Services:  Local Grants Section

Florida Bureau of Emergency Medical Services:  Grants


Florida Catalog of State Financial Assistance


Florida Department of Community Affairs:  Florida Communities Trust

Florida Department of Community Affairs Housing and Community Development:  Grant Opportunities

Florida Department of Education:  Competitive Grants

Florida Department of Environmental Protection:  Clean Marina Program

Florida Department of Environmental Protection:  Clean Vessel Act Grant Program

Florida Department of Environmental Protection:  Grants

Florida Department of Environmental Protection:  Recycling Grants

Florida Department of Health

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice:  Funding Opportunities

Florida Department of Law Enforcement:  Grant Information

Florida Department of State:  Guide to Grants

Florida Department of Transportation:  Highway Safety Grant Program

Florida Division of Cultural Affairs:  Grants

Florida Division of Emergency Management

Florida Division of Forestry

Florida Division of Historical Resources:  Grant Programs

Florida Division of Historical Resources:  Museum Grants

Florida Division of Library & Information Services:  Grant Programs


Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission:  Wildlife Grants Program



Florida Humanities Council:  Grants


Florida Office of Cultural and Historical Programs:  Historic Preservation Grants

Florida Office on Homelessness:  Grant Assistance

Florida Office of the Attorney General:  Advocacy and VOCA Grants

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Louisiana Attorney General


Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry

Louisiana Department of Corrections

Louisiana Department of Economic Development

Louisiana Department of Education

Louisiana Department of Education:  Funding

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals

Louisiana Department of Labor

Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

Louisiana Department of Public Safety

Louisiana Department of Social Services

Louisiana Department of Social Services:  Request for Proposals

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

Louisiana Division of Historic Preservation

Louisiana Division of the Arts:  Grants


Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities


Louisiana Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness


Louisiana Office of Elderly Affairs

Louisiana Office of Public Health

Louisiana Office of State Parks


Louisiana Secretary of State

Louisiana State Library


Louisiana Youth Services

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Mississippi Arts Commission

Mississippi Arts Commission:  Grant Guidelines and Applications

Mississippi Attorney General


Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce

Mississippi Department of Archives and History

Mississippi Department of Archives & History:  Historic Preservation

Mississippi Department of Corrections

Mississippi Department of Education

Mississippi Department of Education:  Grants

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality:  Grants

Mississippi Department of Health

Mississippi Department of Human Services

Mississippi Department of Mental Health

Mississippi Department of Public Safety
Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services

Mississippi Department of Transportation

Mississippi Development Authority:  Community Development Block Grants

Mississippi Division of Aging and Adult Services

Mississippi Division of Community Services:  General Information on Programs

Mississippi Division of Family and Children Services


Mississippi Emergency Management Agency


Mississippi Forestry Commission


Mississippi Governor’s Office


Mississippi Humanities Council

Mississippi Humanities Council:  Grants


Mississippi Library Commission:  Grants Services


Mississippi Office of Homeland Security

Mississippi Office of the Lieutenant Governor


Mississippi Secretary of State


Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks

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Texas A&M AgriLife:  Contracts and Grants

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission:  Grants and Funding

Texas Association of Regional Councils:  RFPs

Texas Attorney General


Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas

Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas:  Funding Opportunities

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Texas Commission on Fire Protection

Texas Commission on Fire Protection:  Emergency Funding Overview

Texas Commission on the Arts

Texas Commission on the Arts:  Frequently Asked Questions

Texas Commission on the Arts:  Grants

Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities

Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities:  Grants/RFPs

Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities:  Profiles of Grant Projects

Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities:  Requests for Proposals


Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services

Texas Department of Agriculture

Texas Department of Agriculture:  Grants and Funding,1980,1848_23122_0_0,00.html?channelId=23122

Texas Department of Agriculture:  Rural Economic Development,1987,1848_5363_0_0,00.html?channelId=5363

Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Texas Department of Health and Human Services

Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs

Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs:  Programs

Texas Department of Information Resources

Texas Department of Insurance

Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife:  Grants and Assistance

Texas Department of State Health Services

Texas Department of State Health Services:  Funding Information Center

Texas Department of State Health Services:  Grants and Funding

Texas Department of Transportation

Texas Department of Transportation:  Auto Theft Prevention Grants


Texas Education Agency

Texas Education Agency:  Finance

Texas Education Agency:  Grants


Texas Forest Service

Texas Forest Services:  Urban Forestry Grants


Texas Historical Commission

Texas Historical Commission:  Grants & Incentives


Office of the Governor:  Capital Access Program

Texas Office of Rural Community Affairs

Texas Office of the Governor:  State Grants


Texas Parks and Wildlife Department


Texas Records and Information Locator


Texas Secretary of State

Texas State Energy Conservation Office:  RFPs

Texas State Grants Team

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Texas State Library and Archives Commission:  Grant Funding


Texas Water Development Board:  Financial Assistance

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