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Council-Selected Restoration Component

The RESTORE Act, signed into law in July 2012, established a Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund (Trust Fund) which will receive 80 percent of the civil and administrative Clean Water Act penalties resulting from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The Trust Fund supports five restoration components aimed at restoring the long-term health of the valuable natural ecosystems and economy of the Gulf Coast region.

Thirty percent of the money directed to the Trust Fund is managed by the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council (Council) to implement ecosystem restoration under a Comprehensive Plan, developed by the Council with input from the public, to restore the ecosystem and the economy of the Gulf Coast Region. This 30%, of which approximately $150-$180 million is available for projects and programs, is referred to as the Council-Selected Restoration Component (commonly known as "Bucket 2").

2017 Funded Priorities List: Comprehensive Commitment and Planning Support (CPS FPL)

On July 13, 2017, the Council announced the availability of the 2017 Funded Priorities List: Comprehensive Commitment and Planning Support.

Click here for additional information about the 2017 Funded Priorities List.  

Initial Funded Priorities List (FPL)

On Dec. 9, 2015, the Council voted to approve the Council-Selected Restoration Component Initial Funded Priorities List. 

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2016 Request for Applications for FPL Projects [PDF 13pp 120Kb]

Grants and Interagency Agreements awarded under the Council-Selected Restoration Component

About the Council-Selected Restoration Component Submission and Evaluation Process

In July 2014, the Council finalized a proposal submission and evaluation process to select projects for inclusion on a Draft Funded Priorities List (FPL).  Each state and federal member of the Council is responsible for proposing restoration projects and programs for consideration by the Council as a whole. These members may solicit input from the public and will decide which proposals are ultimately submitted under this component. The Council can only consider proposals from the individual Council members.

Recognizing that the available amount of funds could not cover the full array of the projects needed to successfully restore the Gulf, the Council decided to focus its first project selection effort on projects and programs that restore habitat and/or water quality. Each Council member could submit up to five (5) proposals to the Council.
Submitted Council-Selected Restoration Component Proposals and Context Reports

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