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Council Staff - Vanessa Taylor

Vanessa Taylor
 Chief Financial Officer

Vanessa Taylor currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council (RESTORE Council). Created by the RESTORE Act of 2012 and comprised of the Governors of the five Gulf Coast States and Cabinet-level officials from six federal agencies, the Council is responsible for restoring and protecting the natural resources, ecosystems, fisheries, marine and wildlife habitats, beaches, coastal wetlands, and economy of the Gulf Coast.
Prior to this position, Taylor served as the Chief of Accounting and Systems Branch for the 5th Signal Command, Wiesbaden, Germany. In this position, she oversaw the Command's day to day financial systems operation, including the European Theater’s $100M Base Communications Program and was the principal advisor to the Command’s G8 and Chief of Budget and Execution. Prior to this position, Taylor served as the Organizational Travel Administrator and Debt Management Manager for the George C. Marshall Center for Strategic Studies, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.
Taylor began her federal career in 2009. Prior to her service with the Federal Government as a civilian, she was a Department of Defense contractor embedded with Eighth US Army, Seoul, Korea as a subject matter expert on Installation Management Command (IMCOM)-Online. Prior to civilian life, she served on active duty as a Financial Accounting Specialist and retired after 22 years of honorable military service with the United States Army.