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Geoplatform - Mapping

Geoplatform - Mapping

Geoplatform provides a geospatial representation of the data used in the OSAT-2 report.  Along with the mapping, attached to the layer are other types of media including photos, report maps and spreadsheets for chemistry data used to support the analyses.  The name of the links below correspond to the analyses and the data sets that were used for each.

OSAT 2 - Aquatic Invertebrates and Fish 

OSAT 2 - Areas of Interest 

OSAT 2 - BIOMARUN Degradation Model

OSAT 2 - Chemistry Data

OSAT 2 - Habitat: Bon Secour

OSAT 2 - Habitat: Fort Pickens

OSAT 2 - Habitat: Grand Isle

OSAT 2 - Habitat: Petit Bois

OSAT 2 - Human Health – Exposure

OSAT 2 - Human Health - Risk Assessment

OSAT 2 - Human Health – Swimming

OSAT 2 - Mammals (Beach Mouse) – Consumption

 OSAT 2 - Mammals (Beach Mouse) - Exposure

 OSAT 2 - Sea Turtles

 OSAT 2 - Water Birds

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