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Louisiana State Expenditure Plan Efforts

Louisiana State Expenditure Plan (SEP)

On March 23, 2017, the Council Chair, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), approved the Louisiana State Expenditure Plan (SEP). The Louisiana SEP provides approximately $551,500,000 in Spill Impact Component funding to support coastal restoration activities in the State’s Coastal Master Plan. The SEP includes four elements: the Houma Navigation Canal Lock Complex, Adaptive Management, Parish Matching Opportunities Program, and Contingency funds.

Louisiana SEP Amendment

States amend SEPs to increase funding for projects or programs in existing SEPs, remove or change the scope of projects or programs under a SEP, and/or add new activities to the SEP. States submit SEP amendments for approval by the Council Chair. Below is the amendment to the Louisiana SEP:

Amendment 1

On June 18, 2022, the Council Chair approved Louisiana's first amendment, 2018 CPRA-Parish Matching Opportunities Program Selection Amendment.

Amendment 2

On March 17, 2022, the Council Chair approved the Louisiana State Expenditure Plan Amendment #2


Council Grants for Activities in Louisiana SEP

Project Title

Award Amount

Federal Award ID Number

Adaptive Management $34,614,619.50 GNTSP17LA0046
Freshwater Bayou Canal Shoreline Protection $4,832,624.00 GNTSP20LA0072
Grand Bayou Freshwater Reintroduction (Engineering and Design) $599,386.00 GNTSP20LA0081
Houma Navigation Canal Lock Complex (Planning) $18,520,214.00 GNTSP18LA0049
Lake Lery Marsh Creation Project $2,997,844.00 GNTSP20LA0071
Manchac Landbridge (Rock Breakwater) Shoreline Protection Project $3,179,266.00 GNTSP20LA0083
Paradis Canal Gate $2,827,150.00 GNTSP19LA0070
Westward Expansion of the CWPPRA Rockefeller Refuge Shoreline Stabilization Project $6,848,575.00 GNTSP20LA0076