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Mississippi- State Expenditure Plan Efforts

Mississippi Planning State Expenditure Plan (PSEP)

On November 2, 2015, the Council Chair, the U.S. Department of Commerce, approved the Mississippi Planning State Expenditure Plan. This PSEP provides $1,400,000 to support planning activities needed to develop the State Expenditure Plan. The Federal Award ID Number for this grant is GNTSP16MS0019.
States can use up to 5% of their Bucket 3 allocations for planning activities needed to develop their respective SEPs. To access these planning funds, the state must first have an approved Planning SEP. Upon approval of a SEP or Planning SEP, the state then applies to the RESTORE Council for grants for activities in the approved plan.

Mississippi State Expenditure Plan (SEP)

On April 13, 2017, the Council Chair, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), approved the Mississippi State Expenditure Plan (SEP). The Mississippi SEP provides approximately $49,800,000 in Spill Impact Component funding to support coastal restoration activities, including water quality improvement, oyster reef restoration, and restoration planning.

Mississippi SEP Amendments

States amend SEPs to increase funding for projects or programs in existing SEPs, remove or change the scope of projects or programs under a SEP, and/or add new activities to the SEP. States submit SEP amendments for approval by the Council Chair. Below are amendments to the Mississippi SEP:


Council Grants for Activities in Mississippi SEP

Project Title Award Amount Federal Award ID Number
Beneficial Use of Dredge Material for Marsh Creation and Restoration in Mississippi $18,970,873.00 GNSSP21MS0015
Compatibility, Coordination and Restoration Planning $1,299,806.00 GNTSP18MS0048
Gulf of Mexico Citizen Led Initiative  $1,899,702.00 GNTSP20MS0084
Hancock County Marsh Living Shoreline $5,992,526.00 GNTSP20MS0103
Laboratory to Support Mississippi Gulf Coast Water Quality Improvement Program  $1,451,147.00 GNTSP18MS0053
Mississippi Gulf Coast Water Quality Improvement Program $14,326,789.00 GNTSP18MS0058
Mississippi Sound Oyster Shell Recycling Program $649,722.00 GNTSP20MS0128
Pascagoula Oyster Reef Complex Relay and Enhancement  $4,100,000.00 GNTSP19MS0075
Remote Oyster Setting Facility $9,298,031.00 GNTSP19MS0080
Round Island Living Shoreline Demonstration and Protection Project (Planning) $2,160,747.00 GNTSP20MS0087